Very interesting session this morning.

First thing, I got up at 4:45, very tired, couldn't have my morning cup of coffee (OK, OK I know) and fall asleep again. Got eventually up at 7:20, and started my (too late) sadhana.

I considered giving up as the time was too short (it had to be finished at 8:30).

But I decided to try an accelarated version of the kriya. The way the sun salutation is a kriya in hatha yoga, and we do it in less than a minute. So I did the full kriya in 15 mn instead of ..? maybe 1:30 hour. I did as Sat Mitar told us at the last formation week end: fully involved, and instantly jumping into the 'feeling' of the asana.

It was great: everything was there, just briefly. And the very pleasant thing, I was really rested, and relaxed (no coffee).

Then I did Adi Shakti for 31 mn. It was greater than ever today. All the small technical tips and tricks involved in this complicated exercice are getting more and better integrated. So I can let go, it becomes at last a kind of meditation, and the energy flow becomes perceptible.