Japji tantric way with Simranjeet Kaur.

Something happend during the breath holdings at the beginning of the kriya. I could hold half a minute to the max instead of 1 mn usually. Overwealmed with a feeling of panic, after only a few seconds. No Amrit today.

Long EkOngKar only 28 mn (got interrupted). Found some interesting muscles inside my perineum, witch I now contract. But cann't tighten them during all of the 31 mn. More energy is coming to the 6th, with the extrem Jalandharaband. (I guess I should be working more on my 5th chakra)

But I can not say I "found" the 6th chakra. I'm feeling the enrgy coming there, but it's like pouring water in the desert sand. Still was a bit light headed, dizzy afterwards.