Started at 5:30 20 mn Japji Then the Kriya, and last did 29 mn EkOngKar. Then it was 8:00 and too late, mental getting too active. The 29 mn EkOngKar seemed very long.

During the candel asana, i became weightless after 2:30 mn, and got the perception of what it is like to be a planet, free of weight. Then the intuition of the meaning of 'God created man to his picture'. the creation is quantic, AND fractal. So it expands outwards and inwards reproducing to the infinite, and the Infinitesimal its own quantic shape. Wich can express itself in numeric description, or astrology. Microcosm and macrocosm are the same.

That is the meaning of the mantra associated to the set: Ong Sohung / God & me, me & God are one

By the way i changed the way of chanting the final mantra, keeping air for a longer vibration of "oNe", a kind of echo the the vibration in oNg sohuNg.