Arms stretched parrallel to the ground, hands pointed to the ground, Breath of Fire. 3 mn

An exercice for the hearth. I don't get the spiritual meaning of this one, yet.

Chakras: lightning the fire at third chakra, already in direction of the Heart Center. Concentration on 6th.

Blocking the breath at the end is very powerful. Hands position at this time is not specified. An important issue for the student to find out by himself. The power of the exercice take place just then. So i did with palms facing sky at one stage, with was very bhakti, well balancing the shakti of the block. Yet it is in full opposition to the exercice, with arms twisting in between. So i think this was wrong. Letting hands droped doesn't seem to be right either. Kind of cutting the shakti. At the moment i tend to keep the breath with hands facing outwards, conciously pushing/loading the magnetic field. So only the hands change position in the end.

The way to handle leaving the posture is also very important, unspecified and touchy, as you are so filled with energy at that very moment. I tend to bring hands back into mudra of prayer, in front of the heart center, while breathing out. Stay a few seconds empty there, before relaxing. Also