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Tuesday 10 May 2011

First exercise: arms raised 60° ...

Keep your arms straight lifted at 60°, palms facing sky (Sadhana G.) or straight in the direction of the arms (Aquarian T.) First Breath of Fire 1 mn, then series of 16 stomac pumping on full lungs, for 2 mn.

Exciting warming up, wacking up the third chakra. Nice feeling, especially if you practice with hands facing sky, pushing on wraists, pulling on stomac. Nice extension, to increase on each breathing in and pumping. Stretching to God, like a baby stretching arms to its mother, growing branches in the Ethers, like a tree.

Keep focus on third eye. My undertstanding of the pumping here, as it is limited to 16 pulls, is to make engaged pumping.

Keep arms up, and next exercice, without letting the arms down


In the context of the teacher training, i'm required to practice a 40 days kriya or meditation. This diary will record the experiences i'll get through.

Choosen set: Kriya for the magnetic field and the heart center (as publihed in Sadhana Guidelines, and later in the Aquarian Teacher, with some slight diffrences)

Reasons of this choice: I have been practicing this set for at least 90 days over the last year, with numerous interuptions, as the aim was not a 90 days sadhana. I first choosed it a month before the European Yoga festival last summer, merely as I found it convenient to train Breath of Fire, and keeping arms lifted over the head in preparation for the White Tantra. I eventually found it very pleasant in effect. Over time, this kriya became a part of me; it is also an experience of discovering a kriya in depth. As Yogi Bhajan wrote in "Sadhana Guidelines": "understand a kriya in depth, and you'll understand all of them". Or something like this.

My present understanding of this kriya This wonderful kriya is a spiritual lesson, it teaches you everyday a bit more about God, the Universe, the Creation, the Human, your soul. It is a travel through your chakras to get balanced and connected. It is a beautiful meditation. It is a long prayer.

Spiritual lesson When you read the book, and description of the set, it is just some kind of physical exercices. With practice, you discover something like the Paurees of the Japji Sahib. You experience what is taking you away from connexion, and what is connecting you. You are shown the Illusion of Maya, the reality of your longing, your place in the Universe, your divine nature. As yet, some exercises i understand, some i don't.

15 steps to God

Day 1

Started at 5:30 20 mn Japji Then the Kriya, and last did 29 mn EkOngKar. Then it was 8:00 and too late, mental getting too active. The 29 mn EkOngKar seemed very long.

During the candel asana, i became weightless after 2:30 mn, and got the perception of what it is like to be a planet, free of weight. Then the intuition of the meaning of 'God created man to his picture'. the creation is quantic, AND fractal. So it expands outwards and inwards reproducing to the infinite, and the Infinitesimal its own quantic shape. Wich can express itself in numeric description, or astrology. Microcosm and macrocosm are the same.

That is the meaning of the mantra associated to the set: Ong Sohung / God & me, me & God are one

By the way i changed the way of chanting the final mantra, keeping air for a longer vibration of "oNe", a kind of echo the the vibration in oNg sohuNg.

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